Womp Womp

Today’s been kind of a mixed bag.  My grading for the week is all done because week six is pretty sweet after Monday–that’s good!  Wasn’t able to get some chores done that my girlfriend needed sorted out–that’s bad.  But they got rescheduled for tomorrow–that’s good!  But I dropped a PR attempt (455)–that’s bad.

The good news is that I didn’t get hurt.  It’s the first time I dropped a squat attempt in a long time, and I’ve definitely had some serious nightmares revolving around me accidentally trapping my hand between the bar and the rack, so that was nice.   I also managed to hit 405×5 before the PR attempt, which is probably why I failed and is also kind of a PR?  That’s also kind of a reach.

Total nonsequitor:  What music do you like to listen to when you work out?  Lately, I’ve been obsessed with late 90’s and early 2000’s era rap and hip hop, which is kind of strange for me.  But I’ll tell you what, Get Outta Your Mind really gets me jacked up for a PR attempt, so I’ve really been enjoying it just sorta at random throughout my day.  Leave a comment below, I could really use some recommendations!

The highlight of the day was definitely a stopover for some bbq at this place called Dickey’s that I discovered over near the Barnes and Noble–shockingly good smoked meat at very reasonable prices.  It has kind of a “chain restaurant” vibe to it (apologies if it’s a chain and I was just unaware) which was a bit of a turnoff if I’m being honest, but it’s also got a massive smoker and a drive thru, which was also something of a plus.

But the clincher was the food itself–their polish kielbasa was juicy and flavorful while their brisket had a really nice bark and just enough smoke to be cue but without the “Holy shit I’m eating an ashtray” feeling you get sometimes.  I don’t think it’s going to give Texas a run for its money anytime soon, but for Florida cue (and for 10 bucks), it’s definitely up there.

So like I said, mixed bag.  Could’ve been worse.  I could’ve pooped myself mid-squat, then failed 455, then I dunno…popped my knee or something.  But then I could’ve been on fire, so that’s not really saying anything.

I’m rambling.  Peace out y’all.

Gainz board:

  1. Bench:  350
  2. Squat:  450
  3. Deadlift: 515
  4. Overhead Press:  275
  5. Incline Bench: 315

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