Sunday Night Cardio

This might come as a shock to anyone who doesn’t know me well, but I hate cardio.  HATE it.  I understand there are people in this world that go out and run for miles and miles just because of the sheer joy involved in torturing yourself for no good reason whatsoever.  Those people are an enigma wrapped in an puzzle coated in really wiry muscle.

Don’t get me wrong:  I have nothing but respect for marathon runners, triathletes, cross-country joggers, steeple chasers, and 5K fun runners, but I think they’re all completely mad.  When I start running, it takes MAYBE 90 seconds for me to start thinking it was a bad idea and another 90 seconds for me to welcome the sweet embrace of death.

A picture of me fed up with my crap.

That said, I just got finished with a little Sunday night cardio.  Now, I used to play the American-style football.  I was in the Navy for 6 years.  I graduated Great Mistakes Naval Boot Camp.  I have gone on the occasional “jogging session” enough times to know it’s not a soft J.  But I’m through with it.  I’m not going to jog ever again if I can help it–if a bear broke through some brush behind me, I would be half-tempted to turn and fight because it’d be easier and less painful than running away.

So what I often do for cardio these days is what I call “weight walks” or what my older brother (ex-army) would call a ruck march, though for much less distance.  For example, today I walked roughly 1.5 miles, but carrying about 100  pounds on my back.  I figure this is a nice way to get a good sweat on and get my body acclimated to some decent weight over a reasonable amount of time, but without all the unpleasant bouncing and wheezing experienced during a traditional jog.  I went with my girlfriend, we chatted about our days, we watched the sun go down, we got eaten up by mosquitoes–it was really quite lovely.

Gainz board:

  1. Bench:  350
  2. Squat:  450
  3. Deadlift: 515
  4. Overhead Press:  275
  5. Incline Bench: 315

3 thoughts on “Sunday Night Cardio

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  1. Cardio- something my brother/boot camp death/Physically fit/pumped/get that pizza out of your mouth brother tells me I need all the time. I have divorced Cardio before we got married. I understand how its hard for you, and I think its equally just as hard for busty, unfit women. Think about it.
    It’s a preworkout prepping for cardio.
    1.find a bra and sports bra that will help maintain and support
    2. Texas equals 1,000,000 mosquito swarm.
    3. Bug spray stretch
    4. Supportive shoes
    5. Get going

    So, with that said, my cardio journey took me forever.
    It all started with short spurts of running and long periods of walking/thinking I was dead and calling it quits but being to far from home to feel like walking all the way back.
    I would start at 10 seconds.
    Id do that everyday, bumping it up 10 seconds at a time every week. I’m at 50 seconds now. And I still think im going to die, but its all about building endurance.

    Also, the weight walks is great. Cardio is all about getting your heart rate up and keeping it steady at around 120. So even if you jog in place or do 1,000 squats in a 30 minute period, then all that matters is your heart rate was up there.

    Keep up the good work.


    1. Thanks! I’m trying to work myself up to actually jogging once or twice per week, but it’s really hard to get motivated to do what I hate. I live down in Florida, and while I don’t think we’ve hit the legendary level of mosquitoes you all have to work with, I definitely lose a fair amount of blood in the summertime!
      In the meantime, I’m hoping to get myself up to about 200 pounds on these walks. Strongman competitions do a lot of “pick up the heavy thing and carry it quickly” kinds of events, so I’m hoping to sort of acclimate myself to walking under a heavy load. It doesn’t hurt my back as much as it used to, which is nice.
      I agree, cardio is about getting your heart going so I think we can come up with ways to do it that aren’t awful. hahahaha!
      Thanks for the support!


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