Nobody in my family wants their photos shared, so here’s a picture of me and Ralphy.
Drove home from Tallahassee today and as happens from time to time, I had car trouble that my wonderful dad is sorting out for me tomorrow.  I get that functional families full of supportive people who love each other don’t really make for a compelling narrative, but I’m trying to be 100% honest on here (why should I lie, I have like twenty readers?) and my family is the best.  My younger brother is the one who dragged me back to the gym when I moved down to Florida last year, which is also why you’re reading this, my older brother is a bonafide American hero (seriously), and my mom and dad have put up with more from me than you can imagine…They’re all the best and I definitely don’t deserve any of them.


But I digress–the point here is that I’m sort of out of luck tomorrow when it comes making it the gym.  I work from home, so having transportation issues isn’t the dire emergency it is for the vast majority of people (another way I’m much luckier than I deserve) but I might have to beg/borrow/steal a ride to the church of iron for my daily bread.

Additionally, I think my shoulder sorting itself out yesterday may have had the unintended side-effect of causing random pulses of nerve pain–for whatever reason, I’ve been getting dull pain throbbing from my shoulder down to my elbow.  That’s kind of a bummer I guess, but the theory I’m running with is that the swelling has gone down enough to release some of the numbing action going on in my axillary nerve (?), which has also caused a lot of random twitching and jumping in my delt cap.  It’s been an interesting 24 hours, I guess is my point?

Here’s a tip: If you’re drinking whole milk (which you should be) consider adding in some reduced fat buttermilk.  It’s got a higher protein content, and it leaves you some calories to mix in some extra whey or peanut butter, or whatever strikes your fancy.


I did get my oatmeal in this morning (recipe below) which is always nice.  I find I feel better if I get some carbage in first thing in the morning, and the way I do oatmeal, I wind up with something like 20+ grams of protein, which I think is pretty good in terms of starting protein intake.

Overall, I’m looking forward to flying through the upcoming deload week so that I can get back down to the business of making gainz.  Here’s my oatmeal recipe:

Ryan’s Oatmeal (Edit:  Click here for a picture)

2 packets instant original (no flavor) oatmeal

2/3 cups whole milk

2/3 cups reduced fat buttermilk

Big lump of chunky peanut butter (about two Tablespoons)

2 tablespoons wheat germ

2 teaspoons cinnamon

Dried fruit (optional)

Combine the oatmeal and the milk in a bowl with a little bit of space (if you’re putting in dried fruit, put that in there too, why not?)  Microwave that mess for about 2 minutes, stopping to check and stir at the 1 minute mark

Scoop a big lump of peanut butter into a tablespoon (the kind you eat with, not the kind you measure with) and set it into the hot oatmeal and let it steep for a minute.  While that’s warming up, add your 2 teaspoons of cinnamon, then mix the whole mess up until it’s a pretty thick pasty mess.  Then sprinkle your wheat germ on there.  Wash it down with some water or coffee and you’re good to go.

If you go with coffee, it’s probably going to wake up the sailors skating in your poop deck, so standby.

Gainz board:

  1. Bench:  350
  2. Squat:  450
  3. Deadlift: 515
  4. Overhead Press:  275
  5. Incline Bench: 315

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