Poppin’ Fresh

Good news!  My shoulder popped today, and miraculously a great deal of my flexibility returned, which I think is a good sign that the gainz drought is about to finally be over and I can get back onto the road to Florida’s strongest man.  I’m really glad that I was inspired to write this blog–it’s really gone a long way towards helping me plan my goals and what have you.

Taking two meals and cramming them into one dish?  BRILLIANT.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. Yesterday, after I posted my first ever post, I went to BrewTown Burgers and had a pulled pork and mac & cheese sandwich and some beef sliders that were exactly what the doctor ordered.  Their pulled pork was a little bit sweet and not dry like you get from a lot of pulled pork, and the sliders were juicy without being greasy, and their pickles were extra crisp and salty, and it was really very delicious. Plus, two dollar Rolling Rocks, and I’ve had a real hankering since I started watching the Angry Video Game Nerd so that was pretty sweet! My gut says I shouldn’t call it medicinal meat, but my shoulder feels a lot better after eating all that flesh–I’m no medicine doctor, but I don’t think grilled asparagus would’ve done much.

Plus:  “Meat medicine.”  It rolls off the tongue and into your colon.  “Meat medicine.”

Anyway, I didn’t work out yesterday or today and all joking aside I think the swelling in my rotator cuff is going down, which is probably what allowed my shoulder to pop when I stretched earlier, which is pretty darn sweet.  I think that, after another week of deloading, advil, and maybe some ice, I’ll be back on my quest to pump up that gainz board.  That would make me soooo happy.

“Getting real sick of your shit Butters.”   –Ralph (can you tell which is which?)

Also, my cats were fighting earlier today, but they’re more like an old married couple than a pair of weirdo cats, so their “fighting” was really more like that game we played as children where you just scrootch too close to your sibling just to be annoying.  It’s often the game that follows closely behind the “I’m not touching you” bullshit I used to be good for.  I didn’t get a picture of them because it was first thing in the friggin morning, so here’s a picture of them doing the same thing from a couple of months ago.


But I digress–no recipe today.  Eat six eggs scrambled with a quarter cup of shredded extra sharp cheddar covered in a quarter cup of salsa, and wash it down with a glass of whole milk.  That’ll getcha some gainz.

Gainz board:

  1. Bench:  350
  2. Squat:  450
  3. Deadlift: 515
  4. Overhead Press:  275
  5. Incline Bench: 315

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