Whoopsie Daisy

Today was a good day.  Managed to get a decent amount of work done before the weekend, which is going to be an intense one because we're transitioning into week six of this block (I teach at an online culinary school) and that means the deadlines are all pushed up a couple days. I also... Continue Reading →


Some videos of my shoulders workout today. Feeling pretty good.


So yesterday was a pretty good day.  After I knocked out my article, I got to bash out an unexpected workout for international chest day.  If you don't recall or haven't read that much of this blog, I had car trouble the other day and yesterday that car was in the shop to find out... Continue Reading →

Picture of the oatmeal from yesterday, plus a hidden bonus surprise! Click to find out! Oh god, I feel so dirty...


Road trip day--the four hour drive from Tallahassee lead to some car troubles. Also: the joys of oatmeal and buttermilk.

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